Act Fast: Paid Internship with JCM Northlink to start Sept. 7th

JCM Northlink LLC, a contractor working on the Northgate to UW tunneling project, is looking for two interns to start on September 7th 2015.  The announcement is below and posted on CEE News Blog.  Act promptly if you are interested!

We are looking for two additional interns. The intern position is titled as TUNNEL HEADING ENGINEER TECHNICIAN. The candidates are mainly responsible to be in the operator’s cabin of one of our two tunnel boring machines and mainly record, report, and perform quality control on the progress of the tunneling operation. This is a great opportunity for UW students to learn the tunneling operation as one of the greatest infrastructure fields in civil engineering. This could potentially lead to a great job opportunity after graduation for the students within our company and/or tunneling industry.

The preferred candidate will be a senior or junior in CEE (with an interest in construction or geotechnical is a major plus). The intern position is set to be for a 3 month in period (With a chance to be extended to 6 month). The interns will work 50 hour a week in either one of two shifts (6 am-4 pm or 4 pm- 2 am). The starting date is September 7th 2015. Please email your resumes to if you are interested.

*Note: The minimum time is 3 months of employment so that wipes out your Autumn Quarter 2015. If that is something you can and want to accommodate and would like to gain work experience and some money for the effort, then please apply!

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