New Funding for Study Abroad Scholarships

Increased funds for GO! We are thrilled to announce that beginning this academic year, the GO! Scholarship will have additional funding to support Washington State residents studying abroad on international exchanges!  This means increased opportunities for UW students to take part in the transformational experience of studying abroad at one of the UW’s many partner universities.

New this year *Plan2GO! Scholarship* Unlike many other scholarships which award funds for  specific study abroad programs to which students have already committed, receiving this award is like having financial credit waiting to be used for an exchange program.  Students will be eligible to apply as early as freshman year. If selected, students will have up to two years to plan for and be approved for UW Study Abroad Office Exchange.

What is an international exchange? This is a relationship between two or more partner universities, in which each university sends a certain number of its home students outbound to its partner abroad, and in return receives an equivalent number of inbound students.  For example, the UW might send three students to study at the National University of Singapore for Autumn Semester and in return, the UW hosts three NUS students in Seattle.

Stay tuned for updates about the Plan2GO! Scholarship—launching in Spring 2016!


Emily Smith & Shannon Quinn

Global Opportunities Advisers


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