Join Global Peace Youth @ UW

Are you passionate about peace? Do you want to engage with like-minded students who want to become not just leaders of the future, but leaders of the PRESENT? Do you want to access an international network of young leaders? If you said YES to any of these, join GPY@UW! 

Global Peace Youth at UW is a new up-and-rising campus chapter for an international NGO, focusing on youth leadership and service based on common principles and values!

They are having their first general meeting on January 29th, tomorrow, from 5:30 to 6:30 PM, in CMU 230. They will have food for the first 20-30 people who attend! 

GPY is one of the many divisions of the Global Peace Foundation. As their youth arm, GPY’s mission is to educate young people to become future leaders with both moral and innovative capacity. GPY emphasizes leadership growth through interfaith collaboration, leadership training, and social impact projects, in which young, aspiring leaders can develop meaningful connections, address relevant issues and cultivate positive leadership skills. With this mindset, they strive to unite under common principles, values, goals, and work towards the common goal of peace. 

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