Volunteer Tutoring Opportunity with NHWA

Neighborhood House Youth Tutoring Center is looking for UW engineering students who would be interested in tutoring K-5th or 6-12th grade students! You can volunteer for either a one-time workshop or on a regular basis. In particular, they would love it if students would be interested in leading engineering-related workshops to help their students learn engineering concepts and what a career in engineering could look like.

Volunteering Time Schedule

  • Tutor K-5th students: M-Th from 4-5:30
  • Tutor 6th-12th students: M-Th 5:45-7:15

Internships and letters of recommendation are available

Location: Seola Gardens, White Center

Interested? Contact 206-466-5807 or arundell@nhwa.org for more information! 

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