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Hi all,
Welcome back and here’s to a great year! I am writing to let everyone know that there is a great new scholarship opportunity for students interested in and involved with construction engineering. The scholarship comes from the Beavers Charitable Trust. The award is $5,000 cash (2 awards given) and the award will be made in November. Here are the applications particulars:

·         The applicant must have completed an internship (or have an ongoing one) with a construction company that is a member of the Beavers heavy engineering construction association. This is the big requirement – it does limit the applicant pool quite a bit. How do you know if the company you worked for is a member? Check here: I am aware of a number of students who meet this requirement (e.g., Clark, Flatiron, Granite, Jay Dee, Kiewit, Skanska, Walsh, and more).

·         The applicant must be in good academic standing. This means not on academic probation and no history of academic misconduct.

·         The applicant must fill out an application (shocking) here: This application involves you describing and writing about your intern experience (they REALLY want to know how the internship went). So it takes some time to complete.

If you do not know the Beavers and their Charitable Trust (I’m guessing you don’t), they sponsor my professorship and are run by the owners and presidents of the largest and best heavy civil contractors in the U.S. Their Charitable Trust is focused on assisting students entering the heavy construction industry. From my personal experience, these folks, some of the most influential in the industry, really care greatly about students and their experience. This scholarship is one of their ways of helping.  

Just so everyone is a winner, I will award a Starbucks gift card ($20) to all qualified applicants. How’s that for premium service?
Steve Muench
Tom and Marilyn Draeger / The Beavers Charitable Trust
Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mailbox 352700
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

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