RA Appointment in Environmental Engineering

Dr. Heidi Gough’s research team is seeking a master’s thesis student to join them beginning immediately (November 15, 2016) in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Washington. The student will work with local and regional stake holder to address questions about the potential impacts of wastewater from recreational boats on municipal wastewater treatment plants in Washington (San Juan Islands) and Oregon State (Columbia River).

Specific duties include: i) Literature search and summary, ii) Boat waste sample collection and characterization, and iii) Experimental bench work to test for potentially inhibitory components of boat wastewater. The successful candidate must be a current Master’s Student at the University of Washington in environmental engineering or a similar field, must be willing to commit to a 2 year Research Assistant appointment, and must be detail oriented, organized, and have strong written and spoken communication skills. The successful candidate will be expected to work independently on wastewater research (training will be provided), develop experiments, collect boat waste and wastewater treatment plant samples, collate data, prepare reports and presentations for stakeholders, and fulfill the requirements for a Master’s Degree at the University.

The position will be paid hourly through the end of the fall term, and will begin as an RA appointment in January 2017.

Interested students should forward (1) a statement of interest, and (2) unofficial UW transcripts to hgough@uw.edu. Please use the phrase “Boat Waste” in the email subject heading.

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