Sustainable Water in a Wet Region- Info Session

ENGINEERING WASHINGTON: Sustainable Water in a Wet Region.

Information Session on Thursday Dec 8 at 12:30 PM in More Hall room 218.

Join a Study Abroad– in your own backyard! This year, the CEE department is offering a unique “study abroad” to the Olympic Peninsula. The value of water is recognized world-wide. Even in wet regions, such as the Pacific Northwest, it is important to apply sustainable strategies that recognize the inter-connections among water resource, drinking water, and wastewater. It is additionally important to recognize that culture plays a large role in ensuring that decisions match the needs of local communities.This course will examine the intersection of the water engineering sectors and local decision-making, with a focus on environmental implications of the climate change predictions for temperate rain forest and wet forest regions. The Pacific Northwest will be used as a learning “laboratory”. Students will engage with water professionals and decision makers from public utilities, regional engineering firms, tribal nations, and local/regional government. The intersections among these groups and their view of the water sector will be examined at differing scales (state, city and small town) and from multiple cultural perspectives.

Learning, social, and experiential activities are planned to include: visiting wastewater treatment plant, engaging with tribal leaders, eating foods with cultural and regional water importance, visiting tidal flats, rain forest hiking, rafting, and whale watching.

Sections are available majors and non-majors, and for undergraduates and graduate students.

For more information, contact Dr. Heidi Gough

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