Port of Seattle CM Internships

Further discussions with Matt Weiss suggests that the Port has 7 positions to fill. Six at Sea-Tac and one on the waterfront.

Matt has major responsibility for the waterfront which includes the interaction with the city on the new seawall and the US 99 tunnel. In the past, the Port has done special things for its interns such as a tour of Sea-Tac, the control tower and some of the big waterfront projects.

Pay will likely be about $19/hour. Further, the Port generally hires full-time folks from the ranks of its interns…that should not be a surprise since many companies do the same thing.

You can find these postitions in the  “jobs” section at www.portseattle.org. Our CM interns generally get to spend most of their time in the field on our major construction projects assisting with inspection duties. Many former interns, including myself, have gone on to accept full time positions at the Port after school.

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