Tool Training

There’ll be a shop tool training (Tool Training 1, Class B) on Saturday May 27th at 11:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. This tool training is required for the students and persons who will be or think that they might need to use power hand tools for their research projects.  The tools training covers the use of circular saw, table saw, drill motor etc. in and around structures lab.  Be sure to sign up before May, 15th.  Renewing is required every eight months. The signup sheet will be posted on the door room 33 (machine shop), across from the material lab, More Hall basement.

Research students should check with your faculties or PIs, whether or not you should take this training.  Persons who will be using the tools in the lab also required this training  Other undergrads and grads can take this training as well. There is no fee involve for this event. No student/personal is allowed to use the power tool in/around the CEE Structures Lab without this training.

The training allows the trainee a nine months period to operate the hand tool on the structures lab floor.  No tool allows outside the structures lab.

The training will be at least 5 to 6 hrs. Please come in w/ note pad and pen/pencil.  There’ll be test, pertained to the subjects in the training.  Quiz will be given at the end.  Please Note that no more than two mistakes allowed on the quiz.  You may like to bring in your food, snack, drinks for this extend session.

Vince Chaijaroen

Structures Lab Manager

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