AUT17: Sustainable Planning, Design and Development Strategies for TOD

BE 405/505 Studio | Fall 2017 (6 credits)

BE 498/598 Seminar | Fall 2017 (3 credits)

In 2024 light rail service will connect Kent/Des Moines to Seattle and beyond. This studio and embedded seminar course will envision the transformation of what is now a low density, auto dependent condition into a vibrant, walkable, mixed use and sustainable community catalyzed by light rail.

As Seattle’s housing costs rise an increasing number of residents are migrating to suburban locations with lower housing costs. These residents do not seek the suburban dream of the mid twentieth century. Instead, they seek vibrant, walkable and sustainable mixed use communities with lower housing costs and less reliance on the automobile. Light rail offers the potential to provide such opportunities in the form of urban satellite communties surrounding Seattle. Kent/Des Moines is ideally positioned to become such a community. The designated station location is within easy walking distance of the King County Metro Rapid Ride Line on Highway 99, Highline College and surrounding commercial uses. 

The studio will provide an opportunity for small teams of graduate and undergraduate students to participate in the interdisciplinary conceptual planning and design of a new, Transient Oriented Community that emphasizes sustainability and a sense of place in a location currently lacking these characteristics. This requires the integration of academic skills including architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, planning and real estate studies. Students will produce site designs, architectural studies, financial and policy analysis for a vibrant, mixed use community that will include transit infrastructure, pedestrian and bicycle connectivity, retail and commercial space, public venues and multi-family housing. The studio will work closely with planners from the city of Kent and Sound Transit.



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