Paid Position for Data Annotation

Some CSE students are looking for folks to help out with data annotation. Please see the message below.


We are a research team in UW CSE and UW Medicine working on a smartphone application for diagnosing concussions (link). Our algorithm involves machine-learning on images of a person’s eyes, so we need to have lots of images annotated with high precision. This entails using a program we have written to step through a video and select points to trace out the border of a person’s pupils.

Ideally, we are looking for someone to label our entire dataset, which we estimate would take ~25 hours. We would offer someone $400 to label the dataset with an extra $100 bonus if it is finished within two weeks after we meet, provided that it meets certain quality measures we have in place. We are also willing to entertain offers to label smaller chunks of the larger dataset at an equivalent hourly rate and bonus structure.

If you are interested or have more questions, please send an email to Alex Mariakakis ( and cc Lynn McGrath ( Thanks!

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