Engineers without Borders: Nicaragua Project + Winter Fundraiser

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Project Spotlight: Tortuga, Nicaragua

Tortuga, Nicaragua, our partner community, was devastated by Hurricane Nate. Substantial damage was done to over half the homes in the community and pipes were torn up taking away access to clean water for days. As we continue our partnership with Tortuga, together we can help them rebuild.

Our team just got back from a one week implementation trip down in the community. While there, the team successfully managed the expansion of the existing water system to 8 houses, discussed designs for composting toilets, and worked with local contractors to plan the implementation of our solar-powered water distribution system.

Western Expansion

Our completed project provides clean water to approximately 40 people, including the young girl pictured above. The construction of the expansion included laying about 3/4 of a mile of pipe, creating a concrete pad, anchoring a tank, and building a road crossing. As our first project in the community, it was exciting for our group of engineers to finally be physically putting their designs into practice.

Projects in Process1. A solar-powered water distribution system to service 3 homes in an inaccessible region.

2. Composting toilets in regions of the community that currently have inadequate access to sanitation.

3. Another solar-powered distribution system to service the remaining 9 homes in the community that do not have access to water.

Post-Hurricane Nate, we have the power to help this motivated community rebuild.

All Engineers without Borders projects rely heavily on the generous donations of others. As this year comes to a close, we would be eternally grateful if you considered donating to aid in our projects. Thank you. Donate

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