US Navy Civil Engineer Corps – Full Time Position

US Navy Civil Engineer Corps – Full Time Position, Bachelor’s Degree Required

The United States Navy is seeking talented engineers for positions in the Civil Engineer Corps. Seeking interested applicants for full time positions upon graduation with a Bachelor’s Degree. Applications are open to students as EARLY as 2 years before graduation. If accepted before graduation, students will be PAID, with FULL BENEFITS (Medical and Dental), and have ability to apply for Active Duty Military Tuition Discount at University of Washington.

What is the Civil Engineer Corps? They are the Navy’s planners, builders, and maintainers of our base facilities worldwide. They can be stationed on our Naval or Marine Corps Bases worldwide and work jobs like Base Operations, Planning or Maintenance, Base Construction, Contracting, or Real Estate, and Expeditionary Forces and deploy overseas to help build facilities in rural communities or assist forces on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan rebuild communities in need of vital systems like roads and water wells.

If Civil Engineering, seeing the world, and helping communities are your passions, this is a perfect fit for you!  For more information, go to OR email LT Phil O’Shannessy at

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