Bilingual Research Study Assistant Position

For student who are bilingual in Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Tagalog….

The PEARLS Connect project at the Health Promotion Research Center (a CDC funded research center in the Department of Health Services, UW School of Public Health) is in search of Research Study Assistants to assist with data collection related to older adult social isolation.

The Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives (PEARLS) is an evidence-based program to treat late-life depression among low-income individuals with multiple chronic conditions. Over the next 18 months the PEARLS Connect project team will conduct 20-30 minute phone interviews with approximately 450 older adults who have recently completed the PEARLS program. A focus of this study is to reach diverse elders, including those belonging to racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, rural residents, those with disabilities, and/or those who are most comfortable speaking a language other than English.

We have engaged PEARLS participants whose primary language is Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese, or Tagalog.  We are in search of bilingual research assistants with spoken fluency in English and one or more of these additional languages to schedule and conduct phone interviews with vulnerable older adults. Most interviews will be in the form of phone surveys; a smaller number will be open-ended qualitative interviews. Research Study Assistants will fully transcribe the qualitative interviews they conduct, and translate them into English.

Our project team is collaborative and interested in partnering with new team members who bring different perspectives and skills to the table. We plan to provide onboarding and training to prepare individuals with different backgrounds to join us in conducting this research.

For full position details and to apply, please click here.

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