AUT18: BIOEN 498/599 Models in Systems Biology

Autumn 2018: Bioen 498 / 599 (4 credits) Models in Systems Biology Computational Systems Biology for Medical Applications

  • WF 1:30-2:50, Location BNS 203
  • Hands-on Modeling Lab: M 2.30-4.20pm: OUG 136
  • Prof. Herbert Sauro

The topic of this course is the application of modeling to problems in biomedicine with a focus on Systems Biology. Examples will be taken from cancer, sleeping sickness and drug metabolism. The course will begin with a two-week introduction to modeling followed by topics that include model selection, workflows, model fitting, ensemble modeling, sensitivity analysis and well as case studies illustrating good and bad models. As part of the course, students will play the modeling game that will run throughout the term and form the basis of the final presentations. Invited speakers from industry, both locally and the Bay area, will give real-life applications of modeling in systems biology.

Who should take this course: The course is applicable to students who are interested in the growing field of systems biology in industry and academia and the use of new machine learning techniques.

Prerequisites: Ability to handle basic algebra and calculus and at least one computer language. MATH 124 or 134 or equivalent. Basic programming in either Matlab, Octave, or Python (Preferably Python). In addition, it its recommended that students will have taken BIO 180 and 200 or equivalent.

Textbook: Required readings, instructors’ lecture notes and videos, all posted electronically on class web site. Textbook: Pathway Modeling for Systems Biology, Sauro (2018) – available free online.

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