Milestone Workshops Oppourtunity

Welcome back to spring quarter! We have scheduled our milestone workshops for the second and third weeks of the quarter. Milestones include graduating with either a thesis or non-thesis master’s degree (whether continuing on to the PhD program or not), taking a General Exam or finishing your PhD with your final exam. If you are unable to make these workshops we are able to meet with you individual but the group setting is recommended. This information is for any student potentially planning on reaching one of these milestones during Spring or Summer quarter. 

Masters Graduation Workshop (The first half will be for all Master’s students and the second half will include information for Thesis Master’s students only.)
April 8th
More 110 @1:30
General Exam Workshop
April 10th
More 110 @ 1:30
Final Exam Workshop
April 10th
More 110 @ 2:30

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