Project Geomorphologist Job Opportunity

Job Overview
Conduct field surveys of river and floodplain shape and elevation, gather pipeline elevation data, and
assist in general field data collection efforts describing river geomorphic conditions and processes.
Additional data collection efforts may include kayaking, canoeing, and working from a motor boat.
Assessment of potential bank instability. Field work will typically require travel away from home for
between two to four weeks. Office work supporting erosion and scour assessments at water crossings
and identifying flood related risks to pipeline integrity. Additional work may include acoustical
assessments of river processes.
Office work may be conducted from a home office. Field work typically requires multiple weeks away
from home and travel across North America.

Key Responsibilities

  • Field data collection efforts and desktop hydrology, hydraulic, and scour and erosion assessments.
  • Support and lead report efforts.
  • Other duties as assigned

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Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Typical software packages.

• Field data collection techniques.

• Educational background in river hydrology, hydraulics and erosion and scour assessments.

Required Experience and Education

• Educational background in river hydrology, hydraulics and geomorphology.
Physical Requirements

• Frequent standing, walking and sitting

• Must be able to work at computer or desk area for extended periods of time

• Must be able to walk for extended periods of time

• Field work in hot/cold conditions

• Ability to travel away from home for extended periods

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