Self Nominate to be a Part of New CEE Student Advisory Board

CEE is creating two student advisory boards that will meet on a regular basis to review and provide feedback on department operations, educational programs, policies and other matters of importance to the student body.  A representative of each board will sit on the department’s respective undergraduate and graduate educational committees, as well as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee.

The boards will be comprised of a diverse representation of CEE students.

  • SAB applications will be solicited once annually.
  • Application materials include a resume and cover letter/ statement of interest
  • Board members are selected through an interview process by the CEE Advising Team and Faculty
  • Students are selected in April
  • Students shadow in May and June, and then serve terms for one academic year (sum-spr)
  • Students may serve up to two consecutive terms

SAB Job Description:

  • Attend monthly SAB meetings
  • Serve as members of departmental committees, including but not limited to Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Provide regular review and feedback on all aspects of the student experience in CEE
  • Advocate for department students
  • Set priorities for improvements related to the student experience in CEE
  • Work in ad-hoc groups on projects related to the student experience in CEE
  • Other projects defined by the committee and/ or department

Please send your self nominations to Bryan Crockett at:

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