Self Nominate to be a Part of New CEE Student Advisory Board

CEE is creating two student advisory boards that will meet on a regular basis to review and provide feedback on department operations, educational programs, policies and other matters of importance to the student body.  A representative of each board will sit on the department’s respective undergraduate and graduate educational committees, as well as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee.

The boards will be comprised of a diverse representation of CEE students.

  • SAB applications will be solicited once annually.
  • Application materials include a resume and cover letter/ statement of interest
  • Board members are selected through an interview process by the CEE Advising Team and Faculty
  • Students are selected in April
  • Students shadow in May and June, and then serve terms for one academic year (sum-spr)
  • Students may serve up to two consecutive terms

SAB Job Description:

  • Attend monthly SAB meetings
  • Serve as members of departmental committees, including but not limited to Undergraduate Education, Graduate Education and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Provide regular review and feedback on all aspects of the student experience in CEE
  • Advocate for department students
  • Set priorities for improvements related to the student experience in CEE
  • Work in ad-hoc groups on projects related to the student experience in CEE
  • Other projects defined by the committee and/ or department

Please send your self nominations to Bryan Crockett at:

2018 CEE Career Fair Resume Book

Students! Before attending this year’s career fair, add your resume to the CEE Resume Book in HuskyJobs. The last day to add your resume will be Thursday, January 11th. 

A resume book is a virtual collection of resumes from active UW candidates; these are searchable by a variety of parameters (major, class level, etc.), as well as keyword. A student may choose to add his/her resume to the book through HuskyJobs. Each employer attending the mixer will be granted over two weeks of online access to view and contact prospective candidates, as desired (NOTE: any resumes saved offline will continue to be viewable indefinitely).

To add your resume to the book:

  1. Login to your HuskyJobs account using your NetID & password.
  2. Update your student ACADEMIC profile, as necessary.
  3. Verify that the latest copy of your resume is in the “approved” documents section. If not, click “documents => upload documents” then click “ADD NEW”
  4. Submit your resume to the “2018 CEE Career Fair Resume Book“:
    1. On the left-hand side menu, select “documents” => “opt-in resume books”
    2. Under the “2018 CEE Career Fair Resume Book,” select your correct resume for inclusion using the drop-down menu.
    3. Click “ADD RESUME”

*This book is only available for opt-in by students in CEE or CM; if you have difficulty with accessing the book and/or do not see the book as described in step 4, please email the Career Center @ Engineering ( 

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering (BSENVE)

Hello CEE Community —

As most of you already know, the Bachelor of Science in Environmental
Engineering (BSENVE) program successfully launched this autumn quarter!

Please share the attached flyer with undergraduate students who may be
interested in learning more about the BSENVE program.  Additional
information is available on our website.

The BSENVE is a minimum admission requirement major at this time.  (That
means anyone who has satisfied the prerequisite courses and admission
requirements may simply declare the major.)  We expect that it will become
a competitive admission major by Autumn 2019.

Interested students can write to us at  (Student’s full
name and UW ID number is appreciated.)

Mariko  &  Brian

Company Information and Interviews

The CM department, starting tonight, has companies come and describe their work and the kinds of hires that they are seeking. As you can see from the link, a number of companies are jumping ahead of the CM Career Fair scheduled for Oct 31. You should view the schedule and attend whatever sessions you wish. The Chair of the CM, Bill Bender, welcomes all CEE students to attend any of the sessions.



“More Women” Talks- Melissa McKinney (Kpff) on May 30th

“More Women” talks offer CEE students an opportunity to meet and learn from female leaders in Civil Engineering. Meetings take place monthly and aim to bring together current and future leaders in our field, and offer an opportunity to form connections that could last far beyond graduation.  

The last talk of this spring will be held in More 110 on May 30th 5pm. Melissa McKinney will be sharing some of her experiences in working as a structural engineer at Kpff. Light refreshments will be provided by the Beavers Foundation.

Please RSVP to the event here and sign up for the “More Women” mailing list!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, email Heta ( or Hannah (

Seeking your endorsement of a Computer Lab upgrade

Hello CEE graduate and undergraduate students,

We are seeking your input on our 2017 Student Tech Fee proposal, which is focused on upgrading the computers in instructional area of our computer lab. We have a far better chance of getting our proposal funded if we can show it has student support (it’s money that comes from you, after all). Our proposal this year requests funding to replace the older machines in the CEE Computing Lab. This is part of a regular 4-year rolling update cycle we have been using since 2003 to keep the lab running smoothly, and STF funds have been used for the hardware throughout (we realize the room itself is referred to as a dungeon, but building new space is beyond the scope of STF funding). If you’d like to see the lab machines continue to be updated, this is your chance to help. Here’s how to make your voice heard — use the following link to the full proposal then scroll down to “Endorsements” to register your endorsement and add any comments concerning the usefulness/importance of the computer lab as you see fit:

Thank you for your input, comments, and support.

Tim Larson

Interim Chair

Society of Women Engineers Graduate Panel: Using a Higher Degree in Industry

The Society of Women Engineers Graduate Section is hosting six panelists with graduate degrees to talk about their experience in research and in industry.The panel includes engineers with graduate degrees from Boeing, Immune Design, Google, Coughlin Porter Lundeen, Binomial, and Institute for Systems Biology.

It is often difficult to decide to get a graduate degree, and perhaps even more difficult to find a good fit in the workplace upon graduation. This event is designed to help graduate students and aspiring graduate students develop a sense of different roles engineers can take and how to pursue them.

  • When: April 6th 2017, 5 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Where: Smith Hall 205

Mumps Outbreak on UW Seattle Campus

This message is being sent to all students, faculty and staff from the Advisory Committee on Communicable Diseases

Dear Members of the UW Community,

You may recall receiving an email on February 17, 2017 notifying you about a case of mumps on the UW Seattle campus. As of March 22, Public Health – Seattle & King County has reported 20 cases of mumps in people associated with the UW Seattle campus, which so far have been concentrated among students in sororities and fraternities. However, we anticipate the number of cases among UW students will increase more broadly as the outbreak continues in King County and across Washington state.        Continue reading

Beware of Fake “Government” Phone and Email Scams

CEE Students (especially international students):  Beware of Fake “Government” Phone and Email Scams.  See full email below.

From: Kathy Wong []
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2017 8:22 AM

Subject: Fake “Government” Phone and Email Scams
Hello: A number of students have reported receiving calls and emails from individuals claiming to be government officials, asking for money. We have information on the ISS website for students about the scams, but we wanted to pass along the information to advisors as well in case students come to you with reports.


KATHY WONG  International Student Adviser International Student Services Continue reading

UW Livable City Year kickoff event: October 6 @ Intellectual House, UW Seattle

Livable City Year kickoff

Join faculty, students and representatives from the City of Auburn for an event celebrating the start of the inaugural <>

UW Livable City Year, a partnership between the University of Washington and Auburn.

When: Oct. 6, 10 to 11 a.m.

Where: <!/int> wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House on the UW Seattle campus

What: Livable City Year is a cross-university collaboration connecting local governments with University of Washington classes to address community-identified areas of need. UW students and professors will work with Auburn throughout the upcoming academic year to advance the city’s goals for livability and sustainability. Continue reading