Clinical Curriculum Resources

Elective Clerkships

Refer to the Elective Clerkship Overview for information on:

  • Elective courses
  • Permission-Only Electives
  • Special Assignment Electives
  • Global Health Electives
  • Surgical Selectives (no longer a curriculum requirement for E15s and beyond)


Elective and APC Clerkship Catalog

Refer to the Elective and APC Clerkship Catalog for information on active elective and APC School of Medicine courses.  Catalog is organized by Department.

Email Gina Franco at any updates for your catalog information.

Adding Permission-Only Electives to E*Value

Permission-only electives are added as Curriculum receives authorization from the departmental Clerkship Administrator. You must email Curriculum at and copy Registration at to add permission-only electives. Permission only electives must follow the timeframes established by the clinical calendar.

Please note that in order to schedule a permission-only elective, the following information is needed:

  • Student
  • Course
  • Timeframe
  • Site

Research Electives

Medical students may sign up for research electives with departments that offer a course for it (usually numbered <DEPT> 600). Students sign up for research electives via MyUW using a faculty code obtained through the department and the SLN from the Time Schedule. Please be sure that the course is available in the time schedule each quarter in order for students to register. Research electives DO NOT count toward clinical elective graduation requirements. Additional information and a list of departments with research courses is available on the Clinical Clerkship website.