Clinical Curriculum Resources


What is E*Value?

E*Value is a tool that the School of Medicine uses for scheduling clerkships, generating evaluations, and tracking student information.

Please note that E*Value is NOT the same as the Time Schedule. E*Value is an internally used program, while the Time Schedule is the UW official record of courses offered each quarter. Clerkships must be entered  into both systems in order for students to receive credit.

How do I access E*Value?

You can access E*Value from the UW E*Value Portal. Note that you’ll need to access to the system in order to log in. Please contact for access.

Where can I find information about using E*Value?

You can find information and detailed guides for using E*Value in the .E*Value User Guide and Resource Library.

How is clerkship availability added to E*Value?

SOM Curriculum sets up all clerkship availability in E*Value including adding sites and courses to individual programs. Availability is requested once per year for the upcoming clinical year. Permission-only clerkships are added as requested by the department. See Making Changes to Availability for the process for adding and closing clerkship sites after availability has been collected.

To add availability or make changes to what has been submitted, contact Curriculum at

I’m having problems with E*Value, who should I contact?

  • General E*Value Issues: Phaedra Allen,
  • Evaluation Issues: Donna Painchaud,
  • Curriculum,, can also help troubleshoot E*Value set-up issues such as:
    • Regional administrators not receiving notification of students scheduled at sites in their region
    • Creating subactivities for departments
    • Fixing typos in course or site names