Clinical Curriculum Resources

Making Changes to Availability

Clerkship Availability and Scheduling Policies

Clinical clerkship availability is managed by the departments. All clerkship availability for the upcoming clinical calendar year (beginning of spring quarter one year – end of winter quarter the following year) is due from the departments to the SOM Curriculum Office by early Summer- prior to the start of the Registration Scheduling Process.

  • The clerkship availability submitted to the Curriculum Office is the official availability used in the scheduling process for the upcoming clinical calendar year.
  • The Registration scheduling process begins in mid-June and is complete by mid-January.
  • Additional clerkship availability cannot be developed after clerkship schedules are released specifically for the benefit of a particular group of students, such as TRUST or Track students.
  • The department, in collaboration with SOM Curriculum and Registrar’s Offices, must manage additional clerkship availability.
  • Availability is not required in advance for permission-only clerkships, however, this is often the best practice to ensure students are aware of course availability

Managing Changes in Clerkship Availability

Availability Changes During the Scheduling Process

  • Departments are unable to make availability changes during the Registration Scheduling Process for any required clerkships or non-permission clerkships. Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances, such as a clerkship site shutting down.
  • New clerkships can be added to an Availability collection submitted by the Department, but any new clerkships approved once Registration begins will be held until Open Registration in January.

Availability Changes After the Scheduling Process (Open Registration)

Process for Adding Availability

The process for assigning students to any new clerkships or existing clerkships with additional availability will be managed by the departments in collaboration with the SOM Curriculum and Registrar’s Offices .

  1. Department notifies Curriculum about new availability
  2. Curriculum notifies Department once availability has been created
  3. Student is responsible for adding or dropping a clerkship.  See Clerkship Add/Drop Policy for additional details and rules

NOTE: To ensure parity, School of Medicine prohibits holding spots for specific students for required or non-permission clerkships.  Students should work with DRS and Student Affairs if they have a special accommodation requiring exception.

Closing Availability

In the case that a clerkship site closes or reduces availability after the clerkship schedules have been released, the department manages the reassignment of students to existing sites in collaboration with the SOM Curriculum and Registrar’s Offices.