Clinical Curriculum Resources

New Clerkship & Site Approval

All permanent clerkships undergo a thorough approval process to ensure educational quality. Please contact Curriculum at if you have any questions about the clerkship application or approval process. Site visits are not required for elective clerkships.

A new clerkship that needs a new course number cannot be offered until a new course application is approved by the UW Curriculum Committee.

Questions about the business of clinical clerkship sites?  Please visit the WWAMI Clinical Clerkship Sites website, which has detailed information on Affiliation Agreements and Clerkship Funding for your new site/clerkship.

New Clerkship Approval Process

UW SOM Clerkship Site Application 

**The old form will be accepted through 2018**

This is a new form, please submit any issues or recommendations to

  1. Fill out UW SOM Clerkship Site Application completely
  2. Return to Curriculum Office:
  3. UW SOM Curriculum Approval
    1. New clerkship applications are reviewed by the appropriate committee (Patient Care Committee, Explore and Focus Committee, or Elective Clerkship Committee)
    2. New sites added to existing rotations are reviewed by Associate Dean for Curriculum
  4. Once approved, Curriculum sends the department and Region (if applicable) a PDF copy of the approved form for their records

New Course Approval & Final Steps

  1. Fill out UW New Course Application online
  2. Get application approvals from your Department Chair and Associate Dean for Curriculum
    • Consult with Curriculum Office is you aren’t sure how the course should be numbered
  3. Once the course has been approved by the UW Curriculum Committee:
    • Send availability to or have the clerkship added to the permission-only list
    • Electives: Send updates to your department’s elective catalog page in the elective clerkship catalog to Curriculum
  4. Add new clerkship to departmental Time Schedule:
    • Add to a time schedule that is already in-progress: Time Schedule Change Form
    • Add to a future time schedule: Time Schedule Construction (requires Time Schedule Construction access and entrust token, email if you need to be granted access)
    • Contact Curriculum if you are unsure how to add a course to the time schedule.