CLPP’s Medical Marijuana Survey

Photo by Wikimedia user Meganp - used under a Creative Commons license.

Photo by Wikimedia user Meganp – used under a Creative Commons license.


The University of Washington’s Cannabis Law and Policy Project (CLPP) will be working with the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) to research the amount of medical marijuana canopy space required to merge the recreational and medical cannabis markets, pursuant to House Bill 5052 and Senate Bill 2136. CLPP will be collecting data from existing dispensaries and collective gardens.

Earlier this month, LCB announced it would be granting an additional 222 retail licenses to accommodate medical marijuana patients as they transition from dispensaries and collective gardens to LCB licensed retail outlets. Those stores will need sufficient cannabis product to provide to patients who have been getting medicine from collective gardens, dispensaries, or the illicit market.

We will be collecting data through a survey sent out to some known dispensaries. If you own or are associated with a dispensary or collective garden, we encourage you to answer the survey questions below. LCB has contracted with us to get an idea of the existing market, and that depends on us gaining as accurate information from the medical marijuana community as possible. If you are not associated with a collective garden or dispensary, please consider passing this along to friends or colleagues who may be able to help.

We have listed the survey questions below, but to actually fill it out, please click here. Alternatively, you can email your results to

  1. Are you associated with a medical marijuana dispensary or collective garden?
  2. If yes, what is the name of the dispensary or collective garden?
  3. What county is the dispensary/collective garden located in?
  4. Do you grow your own marijuana?
  5. If no, where do you receive marijuana? (PROCEED TO QUESTION 6)
  6. What is the amount of square footage you allocate to growing marijuana?
  7. What is your monthly yield of useable flower?
  8. What is the average price per gram for usable marijuana (to processors/consumers)?
  9. How much marijuana do you donate to patients (pounds, grams, etc.)?
  10. How much marijuana do you sell (pounds, grams, etc.)?
  11. Do you sell marijuana to other medical marijuana collective gardens or dispensaries and if so, how much (pounds, grams, percentage)?

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