CLPP to launch fundraising campaign with Snoop Dogg at Vela

By Sam Méndez, Executive Director of the Cannabis Law and Policy Project


A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks, with the [DEA’s announcement] that they won’t reschedule marijuana but will allow new entities to produce it for research purposes, ending the University of Mississippi’s monopoly on that front. We owe at least one blog post on those issues.

In the meantime however, the Cannabis Law & Policy Project is excited to announce that it is kicking off it’s fundraising effort with a very special person: Snoop Dogg (see his post of it here). Vela is a retail store that is having its grand opening on Saturday September 3, and Snoop will be there. 90 tickets will be sold at $100 each to the public, and all proceeds will be donated to the CLPP. Attendees can hang with Snoop for about an hour, get pictures taken, and check out the new store. Tickets can be purchased starting Friday 8/26 10am PST here.

It’s no question that Snoop is an advocate for cannabis, both in his music and throughout his life. While the CLPP is a non-advocacy organization, we do research cannabis with particular focus to the recent policy reforms in this country, and if Snoop wants to support cannabis research we are happy to oblige. We are quite clear in our belief of the need for more research, both for evaluating the positive and negative effects of cannabis on the individual and on society.

We here at the CLPP envision a permanent institute at the University of Washington dedicated to the research of cannabis around the subjects of law, medicine, crime, health, and many other subjects. We’ll need some funding to get there, and we’re so glad to have the support of Snoop Dogg and Vela. We will proceed by reaching out to law firms and interested individuals. If you’d like to contribute, don’t hesitate to email me at

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