Hemp at Home and Abroad

By Daniel Shortt Hemp and marijuana are both derived from the cannabis plant. While there is no uniform definition of what constitutes hemp, it is usually described as a part of the cannabis plant with little or no THC. Hemp offers many useful applications and recent changes at the state and federal levels have allowed […]

Working in Weed: Labor and Employment Issues in the Cannabis Industry

This post by Daniel Shortt originally appeared on Canna Law Blog.  On April 26, 2016, I moderated a panel discussion at the University of Washington School of Law called “Working in Weed.” The discussion focused on employment and labor issues in the cannabis industry. The panelists were as follows: Robert McVay of the Canna Law […]

SCOTUS Refuses to Hear Case on Colorado’s Legal Marijuana

By Daniel Shortt The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)  rejected Nebraska and Oklahoma’s challenge to Colorado’s marijuana legalization. Nebraska and Oklahoma sued Colorado for legalizing marijuana, alleging that marijuana from Colorado strained Nebraska and Oklahoma’s resources and forced them to spend time and money battling marijuana. The lawsuit did not seek to require Colorado to ban […]

Cannabis Industry Labor Laws

This post  was originally written by Daniel Shortt for Canna Law Blog.  Marijuana industry workers face a unique legal landscape due to the interplay of federal and state law. Several states allow for medical use of marijuana and Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Washington D.C. have legalized cannabis for recreational use. Federal law has not followed suit […]

Canadian Federal Court Rules Medical Marijuana Program Unconstitutional

By Daniel Shortt A landmark decision in Canada has drastically altered the country’s medical marijuana laws. A Canadian federal court ruled that Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives medical marijuana patients the right to grow their own cannabis. The opinion strikes down the previous Conservative government’s ban on patient’s growing marijuana and gives the current liberal […]

The Iowa Caucus and Marijuana: 2016 Candidates Weigh in on Cannabis

By Daniel Shortt As the election cycle accelerates into high gear with the Iowa Caucus, our readers may have questions on what the major presidential candidates think about marijuana. In this post, we complied some quotes and policies from the four most viable presidential hopefuls.