Jewish Archives Collection

Washington State has a large and active Jewish community that has been part
of its history for over 150 years. It is notable for its large Sephardic
component (Jews who trace their ancestry back to Spain and Portugal) that
enjoys a culture distinct from that of Ashkenazic Jews (those from Central
and Eastern Europe).

The University of Washington Libraries has placed online a growing
collection of photographs dating from the mid 1800s to present day, that
relate to Jewish life and history in the Pacific Northwest, as well as
nationally and internationally. Represented are only a selection of the
thousands of images in the Washington State Jewish Archives Photograph

Visit the online collection (

Peru: Human Rights, Drugs and Democracy, 1980-2000

Additional content for Digital national security archive:
Peru: Human Rights, Drugs and Democracy, 1980-2000
, is a uniquely detailed collection of records documenting U.S. foreign policy at work in Latin America, as well as internal domestic politics in Peru. Incorporating the latest U.S. government releases, which significantly enrich the historical record, these documents, virtually all of which were previously classified, provide a compelling primary-source portrait of civil war, repression, and growing authoritarianism during three successive Peruvian administrations, as witnessed by the U.S. embassy in Lima, U.S. military officials, and U.S. intelligence.

The set is notable for both its size and its contents. It includes more than 2,000 documents, culled from archival sources, a large number of FOIA requests, and direct State Department releases to Peruvian truth and congressional commissions.

Wilson cinema image gallery

Trial available through 3/31/2009

The Cinema Image Gallery is one of the world’s finest and most comprehensive online collections of still images from movies, television and the entertainment industry. It presents the history of movie-making, still images of films in production, directors working on-set with the stars, set, costume and production design, as well as, hair and make-up shots and rare behind-the-scenes material. Cinema Image Gallery also offers an extensive TV stills archive, covering comedies, dramas, series, TV movies, game shows and thousands of pictures of the stars in this medium.

Cinema Image Gallery includes over 150,000 superior-quality images, along with a treasure-trove of over 4,000 poster art and lobby cards used to promote the movies

Kritische Lexikon zur deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur – KLG online
KLG Online ist das Standardwerk zur deutschsprachigen Literatur nach 1945.
Es bietet eine einzigartige Informationsfülle über Leben und Werk
von fast 650 Autorinnen und Autoren.

KLG Online is the standardwork on German Literature after 1945.
It offers a unique abundance of information concerning the life and work
of almost 650 authors.

For each author there are two major sections… biographical and
bibliographical (both primary and secondary). This database enjoys
continuous updating… not just new authors being added, but new
information on existing authors added to their respective biographies and

Oxford Scholarship online: Linguistics Collection
Oxford University Press Linguistics focuses on all fields of theoretical and historical linguistics and has extensive lists in linguistic typology, language evolution, and language in culture and society. We are especially interested in work at the interfaces between linguistics and cognate fields, such as psychology, anthropology, and philosophy.