SilverPlatter final migration to Ovid

The SilverPlatter interface will no longer be available after 6/30/09. We have three remaining resources on SilverPlatter and they have already been migrated to the Ovid interface.

1. FIAF international filmarchive database
2. Transport
3. Index to foreign legal periodicals (subscription maintained by Law Library)

CQ Almanac online (1945-present)
Includes backfile and current subscription.

For decades,some of the most trusted and frequently consulted reference works in government, political science, public affairs and policy studies libraries are those produced by CQ Press. CQ writers and editors distill highly complex government activities, such as regulation and legislation, into concise works written at a first-year college level. CQ Press produces an annual Almanac highlighting significant activities of Congress. Did the Brady Bill actually pass that year, and what was the bill number? Didn’t the Speaker of the House resign in disgrace? What are the main points of the USA-PATRIOT Act and which Members voted for it? These are just some of the questions that lead Government Publications librarians to consult the printed CQ Almanacs. We have been waiting for an online edition, so that users could have access to CQ’s valuable analysis any time, any place. At last, the e-resource has premiered. A video overview is available at We feel that the “Policy Tracker” and “Decade Pages” features will be particularly useful, and provide a level of chronology and context not available via, a resource already used regularly.