Changes to Library Science Databases

We now have full access to:

Library and information science source (Ebsco),uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=lls

This new database incorporates content from the former Wilson Library literature and information science fulltext, LISTA abstracts and LISTA fulltext (both from Ebsco)

The following databases are no longer accessible:

(Wilson’s) Library literature and information science fulltext,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=llf

LISTA fulltext,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=li

New (reinstated) resource: eHRAF world cultures

Primary url:

Beta interface:

eHRAF is a cross-cultural database that contains information on all aspects of cultural and social life. The annually-growing eHRAF database is unique in that the information is organized into cultures and ethnic groups and the full-text sources are subject-indexed at the paragraph level.

eHRAF is produced by the Human Relations Area Files, Inc. (HRAF) at Yale University. The mission of HRAF, a non-profit consortium of universities and colleges, is to encourage and facilitate worldwide and other comparative studies of human behavior, society, and culture.


New resource: Duxiu knowledge search database

The Duxiu database provides access to more than 3 million Chinese bibliographic entries and 2 million full text scholarly resources in all subjects and formats, such as books, journal articles, conference papers and video clips. Duxiu covers Chinese publications from the early the 1930s to the present. End users receive contents through online requests. Contents are delivered electronically to end users  specified email account within 2 hours. Please note that depending upon different publications  copyright restrictions, not all resources found in Duxiu have the same level of content access. For instance, the preview of chapters, table of contents and contents may vary from title to title.

Contemporary Literary Criticism: content added

For some time, we have had electronic access to the backfiles of Contemporary Literary Criticism.  We have recently begun receiving current content online and filled in the gap as well.

Contemporary Literary Criticism online provides full-text or excerpted
criticism reproduced from books, magazines, literary reviews, newspapers and
scholarly journals for more than 3,000 authors (currently living or who died
since 1959).  Approximately 95% of critical essays from the print
Contemporary Literary Criticism series are reproduced in full in this online
version, which combines multiple search and browse options with the same
format of the print originals.

CLC is part of the larger Gale resource Literature Criticism Online