120,000 ebrary Academic Complete titles now available

Through an Orbis Cascade subscription, we now have access to about 120,000 ebooks in the ebrary Academic Complete collection.  These books are discoverable either through UW Libraries Search or the ebrary link under Article and Research Databases — until duplication issues in Alma can be fixed, they will not be discoverable in UW Worldcat.  Our holdings are not reflected in YBP’s Gobi.

While the ebrary Academic Complete collection is primarily backlist, some publishers offer their frontlist titles as well, so selectors wishing to conserve precious monograph money may want to consult the ebrary database when weighing a possible purchase.  If it’s important to know whether a given ebrary title is owned outright or accessed only via subscription, go to http://site.ebrary.com/lib/academiccompletetitles/home.action to see only the Academic Complete titles, with our owned ebrary titles filtered out.

All Academic Complete titles have unlimited simultaneous users, 14 day checkouts/downloads, and permalinks which can be imbedded in course software.


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