New Resource: Classical Performance in Video

Classical Performance in Video is the largest and most comprehensive video resource for the study of classical music. Users experience classical music through 1,600 performances, including 200 full operas and 75 dance titles, as well as masterclasses, documentaries, scores, and interviews.


New Resource: Archives Unbound – East Germany From Stalinization To The New Economic Policy/1950-1963

Originally microfilmed as Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of East Germany, this digital collection provides an in-depth look into the creation of the East German state, living conditions, and its people. Documents included in this collection are predominantly instructions to and despatches from U.S. diplomatic, and consular personnel regarding political, military, economic, social, industrial, and other internal conditions and events in East Germany.


Husky OnNet and Access to Library Resources

UW IT recently announced the Husky OnNet service to provide a secure temporary connection to the UW network from remote locations.

UW Libraries provides off-campus access to our licensed resources via an Off-Campus Proxy service.

Husky OnNet can be used as an alternative to the Off-Campus Proxy for remote access to licensed library resources. To do so, you will need to make one small change to the settings in the OnNet f5 BIG-IP client.

After following the instructions to Download and Use Husky OnNet, start the OnNet application. Before clicking on ‘Connect’, check which server you are using

OnNet1Next to the big ‘W’ it will either say ‘UW Campus Network Traffic Only’ or ‘All Internet Traffic’. If it says ‘UW Campus Network Traffic Only’, click on the ‘Change Server’ button in the bottom left corner of the window.

OnNet2In the pop-up window, select ‘All Internet Traffic’ from the drop-down menu.

Click ‘Next’

Click the big ‘Connect’ button

If you are connected correctly it will say ‘Connected’ and ‘Server: All Internet Traffic’.OnNet3

From this point, you can browse, search, and connect to any UW Libraries licensed resource as if you are on campus and without using the Off-Campus Proxy.

If you are connected with ‘UW Campus Network Traffic Only’, all connections to UW Libraries licensed resources will be treated as off-campus and will require the Off-Campus Proxy.

Be sure to ‘Disconnect’ from OnNet when you are done and no longer need the connection to the UW network.

New Resource: Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity

A unique fully-searchable collection, Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity, Part 1: LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940 brings together approximately 1.5 million pages of primary sources on social, political, health, and legal issues impacting LGBTQ communities around the world. Rare and unique content from microfilm, newsletters, organizational papers, government documents, manuscripts, pamphlets, and other types of primary sources sheds light on the gay rights movement, activism, the HIV/AIDS crisis, and more.