Trial: Oxford University Press Scholarship Online

University Press Scholarship Online is a vast and rapidly expanding cross-searchable library which offers quick and easy access to the full text of over 20,000+ academic monographs in 31 subject areas covering the humanities, social sciences, medicine, and law from nine leading university presses. UPSO offers an unparalleled research tool, making disparately published scholarship easily accessible, highly discoverable, and fully cross-searchable via a single online platform. Research that previously would have required a user to jump between a variety of books and disconnected websites can now be concentrated through the UPSO search engine.

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Trial ends: November 23, 2016

Trial: Yearbook of International Organizations

Compiling and disseminating information and data on international organizations has been one of the UIA’s core activities since 1907. This vast resource of information is published in the Yearbook of International Organizations – the most comprehensive reference work and information resource on international non-profit organizations and associations worldwide.

The over 66,000 international organizations maintained in our database include Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) and International Nongovernmental Organizations (INGOs) in 300 countries and territories. Approximately 1,200 new organizations are added each year.

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Trial ends: November 22, 2016

Trial: New Pauly Online

Brill´s New Pauly is the English edition of the authoritative Der Neue Pauly, published by Verlag J.B. Metzler since 1996. The encyclopaedic coverage and high academic standard of the work, the interdisciplinary and contemporary approach and clear and accessible presentation have made the New Pauly the unrivalled modern reference work for the ancient world. The section on Antiquity of Brill´s New Pauly are devoted to Greco-Roman antiquity and cover more than two thousand years of history, ranging from the second millennium BC to early medieval Europe. Special emphasis is given to the interaction between Greco-Roman culture on the one hand, and Semitic, Celtic, Germanic, and Slavonic culture, and ancient Judaism, Christianity, and Islam on the other hand. The section on the Classical Tradition is uniquely concerned with the long and influential aftermath of antiquity and the process of continuous reinterpretation and revaluation of the ancient heritage, including the history of classical scholarship. Brill´s New Pauly presents the current state of traditional and new areas of research and brings together specialist knowledge from leading scholars from all over the world. Many entries are elucidated with maps and illustrations and the English edition will include updated bibliographic references.

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Trial ends: November 18, 2016

Trial: 19th Century Collections Online: Asia and the West

Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Asia and the West features a range of primary source collections related to international relations between Asian countries and the West during the nineteenth century. These invaluable documents—many never before available—include government reports, diplomatic correspondence, periodicals, newspapers, treaties, trade agreements, NGO papers, and more, offering a look at the inner workings of international relations.

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Trial Ends: October 28, 2016

Trial: Alexander Street Collections

The following Alexander Street products are available on trial:

Product Trial URL
The BBC Shakespeare Collection
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume II
Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volume IV
The Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume I
Women and Social Movements, International
Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires since 1820-

Trials end: November 6, 2016

Trial: Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy

Human anatomy comes to life as you zoom, rotate, and explore interactive 3D models. Click through learning sessions, view relevant reference content related to the models, and search Gale content to find more information. Explore by system or region below, click in the header to browse activities, or “Discover Now” to experience a session.

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Trial ends: October 26, 2016

Trial: Data-Planet

Data-Planet opens is one platform with one entry point into a whole bunch of data! Users can search and browse through 35 billion data points in over 4.9 billion datasets sourced from over 70 public and private sources, covering 16 subject areas.

The powerful functionality of the Data-Planet platform allows users to get the data they need fast:  Users can manipulate datasets, compare multiple indicators and multiple sources, chart trends over time, and map data without requiring additional software programs.  Data-Planet has a built in calculator, the ability to view data many different ways, and one quick click (What Happened Here feature) gives you context to understand what a spike or drop in data means. Data-Planet makes it fun and easy to get what you need and use it in EXCEL chart, map, graph, chart, and much more…with just a few clicks!

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Trial ends: December 16, 2016

Trial: Indian Claims Insight

Unique compiled docket histories provide legal researchers with the ability to quickly search the full text of all content related to each Indian claim, which can be narrowed on the fly to pinpoint a topic. The compilation includes not only court documents, but also cites treaties, related congressional publications, and maps to  facilitate the ability of researchers to fully understand the specifics of each case without leaving the docket history page.  The inclusion of histories for both Court of Claims and Indian Claims Commissions dockets allows researchers to easily grasp the changes in the Indian claims process throughout U.S. history up to the present time.

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Trial ends: November 2, 2016