Trial: Disability in the Modern World

One person in seven experiences disability, yet the story of this community and its contributions is largely absent from the scholarly record.  Disability in the Modern World: History of a Social Movement is a landmark online collection that fills the gap, with a comprehensive and international set of resources to enrich study in a wide range of disciplines from media studies to philosophy.

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Trial ends: March 17, 2017

4 thoughts on “Trial: Disability in the Modern World

  1. This is a vital and valuable collection that would enhance not only the literature available to those in the Disability Studies program but also those studying in other areas where disability intersects. I highly recommend this purchase.

  2. Subscription to this collection would be INVALUABLE as both a teaching and research resource. As someone who teaches Disability Studies courses (on human rights, media representations, incarceration and social control of disabled people) and does research in this field I cannot encourage/plead/beg UW libraries enough to subscribe to this collection!!

  3. Would be a terrific journal in this time of demagoguery and paranoia. We need to broaden the communities we serve and advocate for and need to be more conscious of their perspectives.

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