Confused about ebook purchase options in GOBI?

YBP now provides definitions of common single-title ebook purchase options such as Non-linear Lending, Concurrent Access, etc.  Many ebook suppliers use different labels for purchase options, but they often have the same meaning. Click “eBook Purchase Option Definitions” in GOBI’s Links menu to better understand the similarities.  And don’t forget the Ebook Platform Guidelines on Staffweb as a decision-making aid.  In general, the Libraries prefers DRM-free options when available and affordable; otherwise, estimate the likelihood of simultaneous use of a title and make your decision accordingly.  Remember, we already are buying the complete DRM-free Project MUSE corpus, and are making available DRM-free JSTOR ebooks through a DDA program.


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YBP now handling our Project MUSE titles

This spring we renewed our Project MUSE ebooks collection order, which will provide us with all titles released in 2015, including ebooks with earlier imprint dates that MUSE publishers are now releasing for the first time.  The fact that we have a particular MUSE ebook on order will now appear in Gobi with the annotation “eCollection invoiced”.  See the image below for an example:



120,000 ebrary Academic Complete titles now available

Through an Orbis Cascade subscription, we now have access to about 120,000 ebooks in the ebrary Academic Complete collection.  These books are discoverable either through UW Libraries Search or the ebrary link under Article and Research Databases — until duplication issues in Alma can be fixed, they will not be discoverable in UW Worldcat.  Our holdings are not reflected in YBP’s Gobi.

While the ebrary Academic Complete collection is primarily backlist, some publishers offer their frontlist titles as well, so selectors wishing to conserve precious monograph money may want to consult the ebrary database when weighing a possible purchase.  If it’s important to know whether a given ebrary title is owned outright or accessed only via subscription, go to to see only the Academic Complete titles, with our owned ebrary titles filtered out.

All Academic Complete titles have unlimited simultaneous users, 14 day checkouts/downloads, and permalinks which can be imbedded in course software.


Our Project MUSE holdings to date are now in Gobi

YBP has loaded our 28,000+ Project MUSE title holdings into Gobi as of today, 8/20/14.  Depending on whether selectors receive slips for print or electronic editions as defaults, the record will show “alt-ed already owned by library” or ” already owned by library”.  Note that MUSE titles appearing after today’s date may not reflect our holdings until we have notified YBP, a process that occurs three times a year.  Continue to assume that whenever you see a Project MUSE ebook appearing in Gobi, we have it or will be acquiring it soon as part of our MUSE package.   We anticipate that at some future date, Project MUSE and YBP will partner in a way that will make our holdings appear automatically.

Trial: EBSCO Customized E-book Collection

EBSCO is offering multidisciplinary database of over 154,000 e-books from a variety of university and commercial presses.  This subscription is being considered by Orbis Cascade as a backlist supplement to its shared Demand-Driven Acquisitions e-book purchase program.  The vendor has customized a collection for the Alliance consisting of its E-book Academic, Community College, and subject collections.


Username: orbiscascade

Password: ebooks2014

Trial ends: July 6, 2014

Trial: ebrary Academic Complete

Academic Complete is a multidisciplinary database of over 108,000 scholarly e-books from a variety of university and commercial presses.  This subscription is being considered by Orbis Cascade as a backlist supplement to its shared Demand-Driven Acquisitions e-book purchase program.


Quick Start User Guide:

Trial ends: July 6, 2014

New concurrent access model for EBSCOHost ebooks

EBSCO has announced a new Concurrent Access Model for some of its ebooks, which will appear as CAMO on Gobi slips.  EBSCO CAMO

These titles are like EBL Non-linear Lending titles, meaning there is no limit to the number of users that can view a title simultaneously, but there is a maximum of 365 “loans” per year.  A “loan” occurs whenever more than 10 pages are viewed or the book is browsed online for more than 10 minutes; or if printing or downloading has occurred.


YBP has recently made it easier to see if a given title is part of the Orbis Cascade Alliance Demand-Driven Acquisitions (DDA) program.  Orbis Cascade now appears at the top of the GobiTween list, and if a book will be available through DDA, it will show as an Electronic Slip.  See this example.