Project MUSE ebooks now available

We have purchased the complete Project MUSE/UPCC ebook collection which gives DRM-free, unlimited access to more than 20,000 ebooks from over 80 university presses and scholarly publishers, including the UW Press.  Publication dates are from 2000 and will continue through the end of 2013.  The titles appear in the local catalog and UW Worldcat, and are hosted on the Project MUSE platform.  For more information, visit the Project MUSE ebook site at



Oxford e-book pricing

Oxford has recently changed some of its pricing for e-books offered by aggregators.  In some cases, you will now see Oxford titles offered through EBL costing up to 4 times the price of single-user options in ebrary or EbscoHost, because EBL gives limited multi-user access through its Non-linear Lending option.  Now that we can get limited multi-user access for ebrary titles through the Extended Access program (see previous post), buying an ebrary SUPO title may be a better option in these cases than EBL.

Multi-user access for ebrary SUPO titles

ebrary now offers an “Extended Access” option for its single user (SUPO) titles.  When a title is in use and a second user tries to access it, instead of being turned away the user will be given 24-hour access via a short-term loan (STL).  If this situation happens 3 times, an additional SUPO copy will be purchased automatically.  For now, “Extended Access” is being financed by a central fund in the Seattle Main budget.

Some Wiley electronic books are DRM free, allow unlimited users

Wiley has two categories of e-books, with different platforms and access models.

  1. Wiley Online Library: “O-books”.  These appear in Gobi as being offered on the Wiley Online Library platform.  They are DRM-free and have unlimited simultaneous user access.  Gobi example: Genetics for Dummies.
  2. Wiley E-books.  These are offered through aggregators such as EBL and ebrary.  They have DRM and more restricted access, such as single user or limited multiple user.    Gobi example: Advanced Structural Ceramics.