Trial: Alexander Street Collections

The following Alexander Street products are available on trial:

Product Trial URL
The BBC Shakespeare Collection
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume II
Counseling and Therapy in Video: Volume IV
The Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts: Volume I
Women and Social Movements, International
Women and Social Movements in Modern Empires since 1820-

Trials end: November 6, 2016

Trial: Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy

Human anatomy comes to life as you zoom, rotate, and explore interactive 3D models. Click through learning sessions, view relevant reference content related to the models, and search Gale content to find more information. Explore by system or region below, click in the header to browse activities, or “Discover Now” to experience a session.

Trial URL:;ContactID=105880

Trial ends: October 26, 2016

Trial: Data-Planet

Data-Planet opens is one platform with one entry point into a whole bunch of data! Users can search and browse through 35 billion data points in over 4.9 billion datasets sourced from over 70 public and private sources, covering 16 subject areas.

The powerful functionality of the Data-Planet platform allows users to get the data they need fast:  Users can manipulate datasets, compare multiple indicators and multiple sources, chart trends over time, and map data without requiring additional software programs.  Data-Planet has a built in calculator, the ability to view data many different ways, and one quick click (What Happened Here feature) gives you context to understand what a spike or drop in data means. Data-Planet makes it fun and easy to get what you need and use it in EXCEL chart, map, graph, chart, and much more…with just a few clicks!

Trial URL:

Trial ends: December 16, 2016

Trial: Early European Books

The Early European Books resource is set to encompass all European printed material from the early modern period. The contents are drawn from major repositories including the Danish Royal Library, the National Central Library in Florence, the National Library of France, the National Library of the Netherlands, and the Wellcome Library in London.

Trial URL:

Trial Ends: November 2, 2016

Trial: History Vault: American Indians and the American West, 1809-1971

This module consists of a large variety of collections from the U.S. National Archives, a series of collections from the Chicago History Museum, as well as selected first-hand accounts on Indian Wars and westward migration.

One of the highlights of this module is its focus on American Indians in the first half of the 20th Century, a period that has not been studied in as much detail as the calamitous 19th Century. The two major collections on the 20th Century in this module are Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and records from the Major Council Meetings of American Indian Tribes. In addition to these 20th Century records, American Indians and the American West, 1809-1971 features a number of excellent collections on American Indians in the 19th Century, with a focus on the interaction among white settlers, the U.S. federal government, and Indian tribes.

Trial URL:

Trial Ends: November 2, 2016

Trial: Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism

With over 1,000 articles from experts in the field, supported by over 100 images, Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism is a vital tool for students and researchers. The content is fully cross-referenced, allowing for greater discoverability between fields, and covers eight key subject areas: Literature, Architecture, Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Film, and Intellectual Currents. Researchers can browse by subject, movement, or place in order to discover connections between key topics and fields.


Trial ends: August 20, 2016

Trial: Disability in the Modern World

At completion, Disability in the Modern World will include 150,000 pages of primary sources, supporting materials, and archives, along with 125 hours of video. The content is essential for teaching and research—not only in the growing disciplines of disability history and disability studies, but also in history, media, the arts, political science, education, and other areas where the contributions of the disability community are typically overlooked.


Trial ends: May 31, 2016

Trial: EBSCO Magazine Archives

Full page image archives of popular magazines.

Architectural Digest Archive (1929-2011),uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=ada

Life Magazine Archive (1936-2000),uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=lma

People Magazine Archive (1974-1994),uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=pmg

Sports Illustrated Magazine Archive (1954-2000),uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=sma

Time Magazine Archive (1923-2000),uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=tma

Trial ends: June 1, 2016

Trial: Routledge Performance Archive

The Routledge Performance Archive is a developing resource providing unique access to an unprecedented range of audio-visual material from past and present practitioners of performance. This ground-breaking and constantly growing online collection delivers essential resources direct to the classroom, lecture theatre and library. The archive consists of a regularly updated collection of streamed video and audio footage with relevant critical commentary.

Included here are interviews with key figures in theatre history and contemporary practice; masterclasses with specialist actor trainers from around the world; unique footage direct from the legendary practitioners themselves; excerpted and full-length contemporary productions; and documentaries previously unavailable to global audiences.

Trial URL:

Trial ends: May 18, 2016