Winter Survey Tips

We know that the life of a COASST volunteer can be a bit more challenging during the winter months so we put together a few tips that might make stormy surveys more enjoyable. We hope they help! Can you think of anything that might make surveying out in the rain and the cold easier?

Using Rite-in-the-Rain paper for your data sheets makes note-taking a breeze!

A clear sheet protector can be used to protect your data sheet from rain.

Have one COASST survey pal use an umbrella to shield the note taker while processing a bird.

Invest in hand warmers to keep your fingers and toes cozy. This can seriously improve morale!

Looking good and staying dry in head to toe rain gear keeps COASST intern, Sydni, happy during her rainy day surveys!

Having something to look forward to at the end of your survey (like a steaming cup of coffee) is a great incentive to get out there and get done!

Charlie, one of our COASST bird gurus, doesn’t mind getting a little wet in the name of science!

Jane actually prefers surveying in stormy weather, she is a hard-core (dead) birder!

Monica needs a bit of incentive to get through her winter surveys. On this particular day, her incentive was meatballs.

The COASST intern survey team may have appreciated someone holding an umbrella for them on this survey.

2 thoughts on “Winter Survey Tips

  1. Dorothea Derickson

    I haven’t tried this yet, but I am thinking another alternative for recording notes in the wind and rain would be to carry a small digital recorder. The paper report form can be enclosed in a sheet protector to stay dry, while the digital recorder can stay dry in a plastic bag that is soft enough to be able to manipulate the buttons. Then, based on the data required on the form, just speak the information into the recorder, and fill in the form later.

    1. coasst Post author

      Great idea Dorothea! We will be sure to add this to our collection of Winter Survey Tips! We would also love to hear how the recorder works for you after you have given it a shot.
      Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it!
      COASST Intern


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