Marine Debris

We have been receiving some great Marine Debris photos. As of today, we have compiled a total of 3,261 images! We are continuing to move forward with this project and still need more images. Winter, with its many storms, is a great time to find debris. Your images help us to get a better idea of the many different types of debris found along our coastlines. Remember, you do not need to photograph every piece of debris. Just chose 5-10 each time you’re out on the beach and photograph them individually with your photo ruler. Here are just a few of the interesting photographs we’ve received in the last few weeks:

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  1. Michael Grilliot

    We have seven Puget Sound Corps Individual Placements working on a number of monitoring efforts for the Aquatic Reserves Program. One of those is marine debris removal and monitoring. I am curious if your project of collecting photos of marine debris includes Puget Sound or just the outer coast? We have removed over about 1500lbs of debris since October and have plenty of pictures. We would be happy to start taking photos with the rulers if this is something that could be added to your database. Let me know!


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