Marine Debris Update

The marine debris photos just keep coming! We are now up to 3,611 images. As we mentioned last week, we’d love to break the 5,000 mark. We’ve seen a lot of interesting items big and small. A few of you have asked about why photographs should only feature one item (as opposed to a grouping of several). This is a great question. The photos for this project will be used to populate a database of items with information on their harm to wildlife. Ultimately, the database will be searchable, so we don’t want someone searching for color= green; size=less than 15cm; shape=linear, to then get a photo that also includes a huge blue circular object. For group shots of debris, the resolution per item is sometimes not so good, sometimes the whole item is not visible – a couple additional reasons to take photos individually for this project.

Here are a few of the images we have received lately:

Plastic spray applicator container found on the North Coast of Washington

Large plastic tub found in Oregon

Rubber belt found in California

Piece of dock found in Puget Sound


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