Choosing environmentally friendly fireworks

As July 4th approaches, many people are looking forward to celebrating with fireworks. When purchasing fireworks, it’s important to consider the impact on the environment. It is important to always clean up the debris left behind by fireworks. Many fireworks leave behind plastic pieces that can be mistaken as food by wildlife. Luckily you can purchase cardboard and paper options that are less harmful. You may want to reconsider Saturn Missile Battery fireworks, or any fireworks with the word “battery” in the name, as these contain numerous small plastic tubes that are difficult to clean up or see. If your fireworks do contain plastic pieces such as caps, wings, or bases, be sure you know how to identify them during the clean up process to avoid any harmful impact on wildlife. For more info, visit or like “Environmentally Friendly Fireworks” on Facebook!

Plastics from fireworks

Plastics left behind from fireworks. Photo from Environmentally Friendly Fireworks

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