St. Paul Students Create Seabird Documentary

Funded by the North Pacific Research Board, 10 middle school students from St. Paul Island in the Bering Sea had the opportunity to make a short documentary in order to feature the importance of seabird research as well as the significance of seabirds to their home. Throughout the school year, students learned how to identify the 11 common seabirds of the region, seabird behaviors, specific facts about the birds and also the effects of marine debris on seabird populations. As the year came to a close, students left the classroom and went out into the field to gain firsthand experience of observing seabirds, applying what they had learned in the classroom.

In addition, together with St. George Island, these students have established the Seabird Youth Network. The network is designed to provide awareness and opportunities related to seabird ecology, scientific research and conservation biology.

Click here to watch St. Paul Island Seabirds.

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