COASST Internships Still Available!


The Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST) is looking for 2-5 undergraduate students to assist with program’s marine debris and beached bird data collection projects.

Students working with COASST gain valuable, hands-on experience with citizen science programs, scientific protocol development and testing and learn the complexities of adapting data collection to a broad and diverse crew of participants. Students will work directly with the program’s research staff to 1) manage linked image, beach, volunteer and bird databases 2) field-test the marine debris protocol 3) create and update field toolkits 4) perform literature searches and prepare materials for talks, trainings and socials 5) network with principal investigators, researchers, and partners

Once quarterly, students will present their work at lab meetings, and attend the COASST field trip (January 10-12, for the 2014 UW winter quarter).

Interested students should send an email to: Jane Dolliver, Program Coordinator, coasst at uw dot edu


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