Unsolved Mystery – January 2018

Marine debris COASSTers Jenny and Jesse encountered this “Big gooey blob that could not be pulled apart (Stunk!!!)” during their November survey of Oceanside.
As you can see from our ideas, this item has the COASST office stumped:

“Undead woolly blanket”
“No idea”
“Chunk of flesh”
“Wildling robe fragment”
“Sheep’s clothing shed by a liberated wolf”

Do you know what it is? Please post a comment here or send a message to coasst@uw.edu.

4 thoughts on “Unsolved Mystery – January 2018

  1. Bruce Williams

    We saw the decomposing flesh of a known gray whale on the beach today and it looks very similar to this. And, yes, it really stinks, too!
    I can’t tell if it really has “wool” from the photos.


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