Unsolved Mysteries – April 2018

Can you help us identify the following mysteries from recent COASST surveys? Leave a comment here, or reach out to us at coasst@uw.edu.

Jan found this small mystery during her September marine debris survey of Davison Head Isthmus and noted, “It has a plastic top with a round opening. The plastic is attached to a wood dowel. There is yellow tape around the dowel attached with string.”

Ruthanne and Harry found this item a year ago on Cliff Beach — it just caught our eye!

This item was found by Sandy during her large marine debris survey of Hastie Lake Rd. S in January. It is 59cm across.

5 thoughts on “Unsolved Mysteries – April 2018

  1. W Ebel

    Third photo looks like a base for a rack you put in a garden shed to hold long handled rakes, shovels and hoes …

  2. Nancy Karle

    The third photo looks a bit like something we use to size shells, pebbles, etc. when doing sediment sampling. I admit, I’m not sure why some of the holes are the same size, nor why some are square…Sinai could be way off!

  3. Emma R.

    Cliff Beach #1 is a standard lid for a 5 gallon bucket that contained liquid (anything from paint or motor oil to soy sauce). The hole in it with the clear plastic flanges used to hold the pour spout.

  4. Josh Adams

    I believe the second photo shows a (5 gallon?) bucket lid with a hole in it for pouring, etc.


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