Meet Sharyn

Sharyn Hinchcliffe has been a Network Specialist with UW-IT since last June.  Her favorite part about her job is being able to fix things.

Born in DC, Sharyn moved around a lot (9 times to be exact) due to her father’s job with the FBI.  She ended up in Seattle after escaping the unrelenting sun in Arizona.

In her spare time, Sharyn likes to knit, crochet, and spin.  She has two pet bunnies named Oscar and Felix.  Sharyn’s motto is “feed me coffee and I’m happy”.  Her favorite food/beverage is… COFFEE!  Specifically Black Rifle Coffee Companies Silencer Smooth blend made in a chemex to make the flavor pop.  She also enjoys a nice demitasse made with Cafe Buestelo or a cafe con leche made with either BRCC or Cafe Buestelo with half and half or heavy cream.

Her favorite apps include DuckDuckGo, Instagram and Mobile Ravelry (where all the knitters & crocheters are!)

 Sharyn with Felix 


Meet Zohaib

Meet (or reacquaint yourself with) Zohaib Shah. He has been a Network Specialist with us since 2012. He graduated from UW with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems in 2008. He went to work at Boeing for a few years prior to coming onboard our NOC team.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family. He loves watching cricket and enjoys playing when there is an available league in the area. His favorite app is YouTube and his favorite food is spicy biryani.

Zohaib has a great drive to keep learning and educating himself as tech is ever changing. Some of his current certifications Include:

  • A+
  • Net+
  • Security+
  • MCP
  • CCNA
  • MCSA with Security
  • MCSE
  • MCTS: Windows 7- Configuration
  • MCTS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007: Configuration and
  • MCTS: Upgrading Your MCSE on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008
  • MCITP: Sever Administrator 2008
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Configuring
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA)

New student Jack Finklein in NSO

Hi I’m Jack Finklein, a freshman to the UW studying Business Administration and a new NSO student assistant. I’m originally from Brush Prairie, Washington where I’ve lived for the past 10 years. My hobbies include messing with computers, skiing, and now studying. 3 fun facts about me are: 1. I have two lizards 2. I’m on the University of Washington Ski Team 3. I graduated high school with my associate’s degree. Favorite food is sushi or Thai and favorite beverage is coffee.

Returning student Ben Yan in NSO

  Hi all! My name is Ben Yan and I’m a senior studying aerospace engineering and business administration. I got into IT via my high school’s Cisco program, which led me to work a lot of gaming events doing IT support and infrastructure, which I occasionally still fly out to do. I really like getting tea and donuts with my sisters, one of whom is currently a UW freshman. After graduating, it looks like I’ll be at Ernst and Young (Seattle) doing tech consulting. Happy Thanksgiving!

Meet Braden

Braden Kato is a Network Specialist in our NSO group.  His UW career started in May 2008 back when we used to be called UW Computing & Communications (now UW-IT).

His favorite part of the job is the accomplishment of closing a difficult ticket.

His hobbies consist of spending time with his 2 kids (Thing 1 and Thing 2), snow sports, going to Seahawk and Mariner games, hiking, road trips, and seeing new places.  He would love to visit Italy’s Amalfi Coast specifically the village of Positano.  His favorite foods are Alderwood smoked Copper River salmon, pizza, and Pinakbet (a Filipino dish made of squash and okra with shrimp paste).  His favorite app is ESPN fantasy football.

His favorite quote/motto is “Man who catch fly with chopstickaccomplish anything.” – Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid.

Braden’s 3 in 30 will conclude in November and will cover the following topics:

  • NSO Restructure Project – Integration of NOC NS staff and COPS staff into NSO
  • New employee on-boarding – Training for new FTEs and students
  • Cross training for existing COPS staff – Training existing COPS staff to perform Network Specialist duties
  • Creation of training documentation/procedures for new NSO FTEs and student help

This is Travis

This is Travis.

Most of you should already know Travis Mitchell but he has yet to be introduced via the CSS blog.

Travis grew up in Portland, OR and came to the area to become a Husky.  In 2014, he transferred from UW Bothell to the main campus and started working in CSS as a student worker in the Service Center. Travis worked as a student employee until he graduated with a degree in Chemistry, then applied for a full time position within the Service Center.  He moved his way into Systems Access Management, and has recently gained a higher Senior Computer Specialist role within Systems Access Management.  That is a lot of growth within 4 years!

Speaking of growth –  Travis likes to grow peppers in his spare time.  This season he is cultivating 7 different types with a few super-hot varieties.  He enjoys cooking and his favorite dish to prepare is BBQ – which is ironic because he recently became vegan.  Was anyone able to get a slice of the meat pie he made on PI day in March?  I hear it was amazing!  When he’s not in the kitchen, he spends time with his wife Sanaz and two cats, Mila and Lucy.   Travis likes to scuba dive, his favorite place to do so is Hawaii.  He also enjoys building computers and tinkering with electronics.  His favorite apps are Pocket Casts, WhatsApp, and Evernote. His favorite movie is Pulp Fiction and most things Tarantino.

You can find Travis behind his wall of screens in O336.

Kevin Counihan Waxes Philosophical About His 3 in 30


Editors Note: Little known fact, as you can see from the enhanced view, both Kevin and Jonothan served in the same area in different capacities.

For my first month of work in CSS User Consulting, I was given the opportunity to pursue a few projects that would help me integrate into my new role. I selected the three that I hoped would provide immediate value to my new team: a re-organization of the UC Team Wiki, a webform used to order the new Husky OnNet service option, and documenting our current software license fulfillment processes. These projects gave me valuable experience writing documentation, mapping service fulfillment, and the opportunity to work more in-depth with ServiceNow while designing a BSR (Basic Structure Request). An additional project, which my manager graciously let me pursue, allowed me to learn a bit of Python while automating our team’s process for creating MSCA Endorsement Groups. Thanks to Steven Kurle for letting me work on this, and to Ian Walsh for letting me shamelessly pilfer some of his code.

I appreciated that the 3 in 30 process afforded me the opportunity to work on these projects and provide meaningful contributions to my group. I plan to continue building and improving on them. Thanks to the UC Team for putting up with my endless questions.

UC Team Wiki Update

Our UC Team Wiki was a maze of outdated articles surrounding loads of useful tidbits and suggestions from team members going back nearly a decade. Interestingly, the most referenced areas (by far) were personal Wiki pages, aptly titled “information for backups,” used to help someone who is backing up an absent team member. I decided to change the Wiki layout into a service-oriented structure, where relevant information and tasks could be found in their respective categories rather than being owned by a single team member. It’s hard to update someone’s personal page; it feels like a violation of some unspoken boundary. Like editing someone’s personal blog without permission. By moving to this new structure, I hope to lower the barrier of entry for those interested in amending and updating these pages. The switch to a topic-based knowledge repository also makes it easier to convert Wiki articles into ServiceNow KB articles, which will become increasingly useful as the Service Portal makes knowledge more visible to customers.

Software Licensing Documentation

Our software license fulfillment documentation (including sales statistics), created after asking Eugene and Rennie a million questions, can be found at:

Husky OnNet BSR

A good webform is worth its weight in gold. If gold isn’t your thing, think of something you value and assign an arbitrary weight to it (I suggest a tonne). That’s about what it is worth. However, as I learned through my BSR project, simple is better. I initially had a long, complicated form, with a zillion different conditional questions and a boatload of scripts and doo-dads that only existed for me to pretend like I was good at making BSRs. While this was fun to make and I learned a lot about ServiceNow’s capabilities (as well as its technical limitations and frustrations), it was definitely worse for the customers who would ultimately submit the form. Thankfully, honest critiques from the Husky OnNet System Team managed to save me and the customers from myself. The form can be found at


Jonothan Fuega joins CSS full-time

Jon Fuega was a part-time, student/employee for ~2 years before his recent (9/25/17) promotion when he joined the Customer Contact team within the Technology Service Center as a full-time employee.  He is learning the ropes as the Subject Matter Expert for UW NetID matters (one of the most technical roles at the TSC) and so will become even more critical to the team than ever before.

Jon is a US Army veteran and 2017 graduate of the UW Information School.  He likes to spend his free time outdoors–paddle boarding, hiking, and camping.  His favorite spot is Lewis River Falls, in between Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Adams.

Swing by and meet Jon in C110, cube 14 if you haven’t already!

Welcome Colin McCarthy

Colin McCarthy joined the Customer Contact team in the Technology Service Center as of 9/25/17.  He’s becoming the Subject Matter Expert for routing at the TSC (no small role), so expect to be in contact!

He’s a recent graduate of Whitman College where he studied mathematics with a focus on creating models and worked as a student consultant for Whitman IT where the small college environment trained him to be a jack of all trades. He is an active cyclist and competitive Nordic skier, as well as recently picking up Quidditch (editor’s note:  I had to look it up).  He enjoys days spent exploring the outdoors through hiking and skiing, and nights with friends playing board games. Since starting with UW he has started to get into 3D printing, and is always happy to answer any questions, show off his prints, or print something for anyone, you just have to ask!

If you want to introduce yourself, Colin’s located in C110, cube 13.

Farewell Rebecca Galloway

After 17 years with UW-IT CSS, I am leaving to find “the road less traveled”.  You may know that I’ve been out for 9 months on disability leave; after coming back I’ve learned my healing process isn’t quite done—“chemo brain” is a real thing!  I’m going to take advantage of the Disability Services Office’s offer to help me look for something more suitable, and if that doesn’t pan out I’m lucky enough to be able to shift to retirement status.  I plan to come back for the October 25 potluck and look forward to seeing you then.  My personal email is and I’d be happy to talk with anyone facing anything similar to what I’ve gone through.  My best to CSS and it’s people; I made memories here that’ll last a lifetime.