Clone error on playing Blu-ray movies in PowerDVD

When trying to play a Blu-ray in Cyberlink PowerDVD and you get the following error:


Cannot initialize secure display session – (Error Code = 0122) You may try the following resolution to solve the problem.
  1. Incompatible graphics driver. Please make sure your graphics drivr meets the minimum requirement criteria. (More information can be found from Cyberlink FAQ Website)
  2. Do not use dual-monitor to playback this movie (Clone Mode)
Please run the BD/HD Advisor tool for more information.

You probably have two outputs on your video card. One is HDMI, and the other is a VGA output, also known as the PC output. Right now, your video card is configured to display on both outputs.

If you have an NVIDIA display adapter and are running Windows Vista, here is how to turn off 'Clone'.

  1. Right click anywhere on the background
  2. Click 'NVIDIA Control panel'
  3. Click 'Set up multiple displays' in the left column
  4. Under 1. Choose the nView display mode to use, select 'Only use one display (Single)'
  5. Under 2. Select the display you would like to use, select the monitor that is connected to your HDMI output. In this case, I selected 'Sony TV XV (2 of 2)'.
  6. Click 'Apply'.
  7. The screen will blank out for a second, this is necessary because we are reconfiguring the screen.
  8. Now play your Blu-ray movie!

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