Creating an Image with Symantec Ghost 8.0

My department uses Symantec Ghost 8.0 to remotely Image client computers.

The console is on our domain controller, and each computer needs a client installed. The client is transparent to the user, the only way to see it is to go to add/remove programs.

Install the Ghost Client on the Computer to Image

  1. Log into the client machine as Administrator
  2. Put the Ghost 8.0 disk in the client machine
  3. Click ‘Install Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition’
  4. Click ‘Install Console Client’
  5. Click Next, accept the license agreement, etc
  6. Name of the Ghost Server: I used the short windows name for my domain controller, and it worked.
  7. Click Next, Install, Next, Next, Finish. It detects the network card, and asks you to restart
  8. Somewhat amazingly, you are now done. Let the PC restart. You can log in, or leave it logged out, but do make sure it’s turned on.

I said that it’s amazing the client installed so easily because the process to actually create an image is not at all intuitive. Or I just don’t have the right backing up paradigm. You’ll see in a moment.

Using the Ghost Console to Create an Image

  1. Log in to the computer with the console installed. In this case it’s my domain controller.
  2. Click Start, Programs, Symantec Ghost, Ghost Console
  3. If you double-click ‘Machine Groups’, then ‘Default’, you should notice that your client PC is in this list. Life is good.

Creating an Image Definition

  1. Now you need to Create an Image Definition. Double-Click ‘Configuration Resources’, then ‘Images’
  2. Right-Click the background on the right and click ‘New Image’
  3. Type a name for this image. Try to label it with the Make and Model of the computer, something meaningful to you.
  4. Make sure ‘Image is located on the Client Machine’ is unchecked
  5. Click ‘Browse’, and select a location for the actual image file. I select the Data Server, so ghost doesn’t save huge stuff to our domain controller.
  6. type in a filename, including .gho at the end. Hit ok
  7. Image File definition created!

You are not done YET! Incredably, you still have to:

Create a New Image Create Task

  1. Double Click ‘Tasks’ on the left.
  2. Right-Click the white background on the right
  3. Click ‘New Image Create Task’
  4. Click ‘Execute Immediately’. Because you know, you want to do it right away.
  5. Click ‘Browse’ in the ‘Source Machine’ box.
  6. Double-Click ‘Default’, then single-click the name of the PC you previously installed the Client on.
  7. Click ‘OK’
  8. Click ‘Browse’ in the ‘Image Name’ Box.
  9. Double-click ‘Images’, single-click the image you just created
  10. Click ‘OK’
  11. Check ‘Remove machine from Domain…’ at the bottom. If you are on a Domain
  12. Click ‘OK’
  13. Done! Now wait a long time; things should be getting underway. Your client PC will shut itself down and restart into this ghost client deal. It requires no intervention, just let it do it’s thing.

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