I am a great Driving Instructor

Though I like doing techy things, I’m also a part time driving instructor. I got the following from the head instructor at the driving school I work for. It is quite the ego boost:


During my debriefing with the trainees last week, we spent a lot of time talking about what they saw when observing experienced instructors at work. Your name kept coming up. The instructors that observed you couldn’t stop talking about how great of a job you did. Here were some of the highlights I took from a couple of the eval sheets:

“Tony made both drives fun”
“Lorraine kept seeing 2 ropes when setting reference points – Tony had her close eyes, open them and look way ahead – it solved the problem”
“Gently had her go a tad faster”
“Tony appeared to really enjoy instructing”
“When he had a correction, he always led off with what they did well or what he liked, then added the correction – they weren’t upset nor did they shut down. He really had a great rapport with them”

“Tony is very positive w/ students”
“Lots of questions and looking ahead”
“Noticed her foot to brake and told her he liked it”
“Corrected once about waiting to change lanes, next time she waited and he complimented her”
“He gives feedback. Tony talked and commented entire drive – Either Tony or student was talking”
“Giving examples of what might happen”
“He talked to student while writing eval and explained it in great detail”

Here’s the kicker:
“Tony is the driving instructor I would like to develop into”

Great job Tony. The last time I rode with you, I was very impressed with the work you were doing. It’s obvious to the trainees you’re very talented and have worked very hard to build your instruction skills. I just wanted to make sure you know that we’re all aware of the great job you’re doing.

It’s nice to be appreciated. I teared up a little when I read this.

Then the next day I got the following from one of the founders of the parent company of my driving school. This man was a racecar driver, I saw the matchbox car with his name on it. He makes a good business training racecar drivers.

I just wanted to say thanks for doing an awesome job! When a new instructor, who we know has had the best training we’ve been able to provide yet, makes a claim like, “Tony is the instructor I want to develop into,” that’s impressive. It’s obvious that you’ve put a lot of effort into being as good as you are, and if the instructor trainees noticed what they did, we know the students are getting the training they need. From the comments, it sounds like you’re having fun and interacting really well with the students – way to go!

I don’t even know how to respond to these emails.

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