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I was working for Transportation Northwest, a research group under the College of Engineering until July 2011, when we suddenly lost our federal grant. My supervisor, Deborah Harper, was incredibly supportive during this period, despite being worried about her own livelihood… When I told her I had applied to a position at the UW that I was incredibly excited about, she took it on herself to figure out who the hiring managers would be and address them directly. I was selected for the position, Programmer Analyst for a group working under the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, my first choice of all the positions I’d applied for! I am incredibly grateful for Deb’s kind words, which I’ve reproduced below.

Greetings from Engineering.

My name is Deborah Harper and I am the Associate Director of Transportation Northwest, a transportation research center in Civil Engineering. Over the summer, our federal program learned that the entire, national, UTC program was being cut (60 centers nationally). Unfortunately, I had to lay off my staff of 5.

My former “IT guy”, Anthony Curreri was one of those people. I just learned he has applied for an opening in your department and wanted to write and tell you a little about Anthony.

I have worked around the UW for 15 years. In that time, I have met and worked with many “techies”. Anthony is truly a special individual and possesses a unique ability to understand and execute the technology while also being able to communicate to the “non-technology” people (like myself). He is extremely patient, an excellent listener and very innovative. TransNow is basically a mini-research foundation and Anthony built our online proposal submission site which included a very slick process for proposal reviewers. In addition, he built an “add on” on the financial side as a solution to a compliance issue I was seeing.

I would hire him back in a second. I thought you might appreciate a “proactive” reference. Feel free to call me if you have other questions.

Deborah Harper

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