What do my co-workers say about me?

Here is the unattributed feedback I got after a staff retreat.

Anthony is awesome. His steady nature is an asset to everyone.

Anthony has a great sense of humor and is an incredibly well-rounded IT person. He either knows right away how to fix or improve something or he knows where to go to find a solution. It’s rare in IT that one person wears so many hats so well.

Anthony has been a dream to work with. All three techs that I have worked with at TransNow have been extremely patient with me and taught me lots of things, often even before I asked for help. They could just sense that I needed their input. Anthony has done that, but he has also been very cooperative about working with Larisa and me with keeping the paperwork complete. Not all “techies” think that part of the job is important.

Anthony: always there to help when asked and suggests his help when sees something is wrong even if it’s out of his responsibility.

Anthony: a kind and outgoing person always makes the mood lighter. He is willing and happy to help.